Harness the Healing Power of Ancient & Sacred Earth Remedies

Experience a newfound sense of mental clarity, balance and calm as you embrace the harmonious synergy between body and mind. Our Healing Amanita Muscaria products are crafted to promote a centered and serene state of being, supporting your emotional resilience and enhancing mindfulness. Now, you can embrace the time-honored wisdom with our Amanita Muscaria products, infused with the healing properties of this iconic mushroom. 

Revered as "The Mushroom of Immortality,"

Amanita Muscaria held a revered position as both a sacrament and potent healing tool across numerous ancient cultures. It was used ceremonially to connect with higher consciousness and gain spiritual insights. Its medicinal properties were embraced as a natural remedy to address a wide range of health conditions.

Customer Reviews

“The Capsules have calmed my nerves and made me less reactive. They also seem to ease my muscle pain and make me more comfortable in my body”
Alexander W.
“The tinctures are potent and beautiful potions and have been tremendously helpful along my healing journey. They come with my highest recommendation."
Catherine S.
“Your products have been a game changer for my anxiety and insomnia. Thank you so much for making them available”

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